Features of Armed Forces Medical College – AFMC

Armed Forces Medical College is a premier medical institute of India acknowledged as a centre of excellence for education and research. The college provides training to under-graduate and post-graduate medical and nursing students with assured career prospects in the defence services. AFMC was ranked second among medical colleges in India in 2017 by India Today and Outlook India and third in India by The Week.

Established in May 1948 after World War II on the recommendation of the BC Roy Committee, remnants of various Indian Army Medical Corps units were amalgamated to create the Armed Forces Medical services. The AFMC undergraduate wing was established on 4 August 1962, which is celebrated annually as AFMC Day by its alumni across the globe.

The institution has reinforced all the three services of the Indian Armed Forces by providing a pool of ‘doctor soldiers’. It primarily imparts training to medical undergraduates and postgraduates, dental postgraduates, nursing cadets and paramedical staff. Patient care forms an integral part of its training curriculum and the attached hospitals benefits from the expertise available at AFMC. The institution is responsible for providing the entire pool of specialists and super specialists to the Armed Forces. The college is also involved in conducting research in various medical subjects as well as those aspects which would affect the morale and performance of the Armed Forces both in war and peace.


A total of 130 students are admitted for undergraduate MBBS course is on the basis of the National Eligibility and Entrance Test (formerly through the AIPMT exam). This is followed by an interview and then after the final selection, 130 students, including 25 girls, are admitted to the College. 10 seats is reserved for ST/SC candidates. All these students are liable to serve in the medical services of the Armed Forces, on successful completion of MBBS, for at least seven years.

AFMC Pune Campus

The campus of AFMC, Pune is environment-friendly and it stretches over 119 acres. The college is located very close to Ramtekri in Pune. The college campus not only displays beautiful gardens that have been maintained well but it also serves as a home to an interesting blend of ultra modern facilities and heritage buildings. All the necessary amenities like laboratories, lecture halls, museums, demonstration rooms, and auditoriums are available for the students. The campus also features a cafeteria, swimming pool, general stores, canteen, shopping center, nursery school, gym and cinema theater.

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